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One Storey House Concepts

Simple two-bedroom house

Here is another bungalow you can build with a starting budget of USD30,000 or Php1.5M. […]

Striking Three-bedroom Bungalow with Roof Deck

Hello, there! Today we will talk about how important is the location or placement of […]

Simple Three-bedroom Bungalow with a Provision for another Bedroom and Storage

Here is another bungalow for those who are looking for an affordable house design to […]

Simple and affordable elevated three-bedroom bungalow

This single-storey three-bedroom house plan was designed to be constructed using simple materials. It was […]

Elegant Two-bedroom Bungalow with a Roof Deck

Are you fascinated with single storey houses or bungalows? Did you know that the term […]

Stunning Square Shaped Bungalow with a Pyramid Hip Roof

Are you still thinking what style of house are you going to build? Maybe this […]

This Orange Home Makes You Feel A Lot Vibrant and Younger

Ulric Home  has defined what a bungalow is in one their posts.In one of our […]

Sleek Design for a Modern House in an Elongated Lot

Have you purchased your lot for building your house? What does your lot look like? […]

Simple three-bedroom bungalow for beginners

Wherever you go, you will always notice the presence of bungalows.  Bungalows have been there […]

Minimalist Modern Bungalow for Beginners

Are you planning to buy or build your own house? What are your requirements for […]

Elevated Modern Bungalow Design

For those who want to build a bungalow house but would want it to look […]

Simple two-bedroom bungalow design

The bungalow home design is growing in popularity nowadays because it offers a single floor […]

Three Bedroom House Plan Concept with Elevated Floor

House plan concept today has 3 bedrooms and one common bathroom. This is a single […]

Simple Contemporary Style Two Bedrooms House

A family does not need to sacrifice space and comfort. Coming home to see each […]

Three bedroom Minimalist House Plan

This three bedroom minimalist house plan is 120 square meters in floor area not including […]

Beautiful single floor house with roof deck

This beautiful single floor house with roof deck can be constructed in a lot having […]

28 Amazing Images of Bungalow Houses in the Philippines

Below are 28 amazing images of bungalow houses in the Philippines. Mostly these are ranging […]

Elevated Modern Single Storey House

This elevated modern single storey house is a small home, about 60 square meters, designed […]