Sleek Design for a Modern House in an Elongated Lot

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Have you purchased your lot for building your house? What does your lot look like? Is it a perfect square or does it happen to be narrow and elongated?

Sometimes we are left with no choice but to buy what is available lot with our available budget. And most of the times, the available lots are already those that were not chosen because of their location.  Maybe it is too far from the city and that is why it was not preferred by buyers.  Sometimes, its size and shape also matter.  If it is narrow and elongated, there is a smaller chance to be picked especially if the location is not that close to the business area.

If you happen to buy a narrow and elongated lot, what will you do with it? How are you going to design it? This is a challenge for some architects and builders but whatever your kind of lot is, if the architect and designer are skilled on their craft, they will always find a way to make spectacular house plans for you.

Narrow and elongated lots are also nice lots. These lots are popular in the cities where there are limited spaces for properties. Cool House Concepts posted that house plans for narrow lots are becoming more popular these days in urban areas where there is really a narrow space to build properties. Architects and designers have a remedy for everything. For narrow lots, they build floor plans that are economically designed to make full use of the available space. The basic rule is that if you cannot expand sideways, you will expand upward.

The house that is in feature today has a total area of 12.5 meters by 9 meters.  Though 9 meters is not really but having one side longer than the other makes it appear elongated.   So, what most lack in width, make up for in depth.

The house has three bedrooms with one bathroom and a living room or hall.  It has also  a spacious kitchen and the living room is shared with the dining area.  This is what we see in most one-storey house designs to maximize the use of space. It also has a balcony at the entrance.

From its perspectives, you can see how simple but sleek it was made. Having the living room and the dining share space allows for more space to move around rather than putting dividers to make sections.  This opens space is always preferred because it gives a mood of a more relaxed ambiance rather than having an overly decorated one.


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