Unique design for one and a half floor house

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Most of you have seen for sure house designs that have one main floor and an upper half floor and when you hear this concept from architects or engineers or house owners who have this design, you won’t raise your eyebrows because you know how it looks like.

However, there are also some people who are not familiar with 1 and 1/2 or 1.5 storey houses.  This is the reason why we are featuring today a house with a half upper floor.  How does it really look, huh?

America’s Best House Plans wrote that in 1.5 storied homes, the main floor is substantially larger than the upper floor affording the family loads of space to live and sleep while also offering space in which to create meaningful additional spatial and functional rooms. Having the majority of the essential rooms on the main floor allows for plenty of vaulted ceilings, open window designs and private bedrooms without overhead floor traffic.

This one and a half storey house that we are featuring today is a residential modern loft. Its facade speaks a lot of modern design having those very large glass windows and glass doors.  Glass doors and windows make the interior really bright and the natural light that seeps in keeps its cool and relaxing ambiance.

Another great feature for 1.5 storied homes is that their ability to allow the homeowners to get old in their home.  They can stay in the bedroom that is built on the main floor so that they do not need to go up the stairs.

If this is the set up of your lot where to build this kind of house, you can use the extra space beside it for your car parking  and you may opt to build a gazebo as well.

It has two bedrooms that are located on the upper half floor with two bathrooms in between, one spacious living room or hall, and a roomy kitchen with dining area.  It also has a balcony at the entrance where to receive guests who do not stay for long or it maybe used for the relaxation of the family.


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  1. Hello there. The design is suitable for a small family but needs a more spacious and relaxing place.
    Please send me the floor plan.
    Thank you.

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