Three-bedroom Bungalow – Ideal for a Small Family

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When your main goal in buying or building a house is to be able to have a place to stay and live your private life, then you don’t actually need a big house for this purpose. Especially when you have a limited budget, you can opt for a single-storey house  that can surely provide you comfort and relaxation that you need.

This single story house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms,  a large room with a bathtub, a spacious living room, and a kitchen with a dining area.  It also has a balcony that may be used for dining al fresco.


Cool House Concepts posted that more and more homeowners are now choosing single-storey house plans. These single-storey house plans have come into style. A lot of aspiring homeowners are choosing to buy a single-storey house for many reasons: These houses are more affordable and budget-friendly. They require less cooling and heating as the temperature is kept normal because there is only one floor.

Cool House Concepts explained that these single-storey house plans are also easier to maintain and less expensive to renovate. Since there is only a single level in the house, it is easier to reach all areas of the home, making simple maintenance, cleaning, and repair tasks easier and faster. If you want to expand the floor area and do any renovations, a single- storey house is easier and less expensive to remodel.

The balcony is a nice place where to have a relaxation especially for your morning coffee or afternoon coffee time.  If you are a small family, you may also opt to have your dinner in the balcony.

The extra space in front of the house may be used for car parking and the extra space on the sides and at the back of the house maybe used for gardening or a simple landscape for ornamental plants.

This is how the back of the house looks like.  Its sleek design makes it appealing.  It maybe small but it actually has all the amenities you need to live comfortably.

So, if you have limited budget, you may opt for this bungalow or single-storey house.



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