A Perfect House Design for an Elongated Lot

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This is not the first time that we feature a house design for an elongated and narrow lot. More and more house designs for a narrow and elongated lot are on the top list of most architects and designers these days because in the cities, these types of lots often dominate the place.

Sometimes , you are left with no option but to buy a lot that is narrow or elongated because that is the only option left for you. So, what will you do when you have this kind of lot? How will you design it?

While architects and designers are always ready with plenty of choices of house plans for narrow and elongated lot, you may also want to check our designs here. This is one of them.


This house design would actually qualify as a cottage because it has very small area. It really looks so small but it actually has 14 meters length and 6 meters width. It is really a narrow and elongated design. But check its floor plan below how it was actually designed.

This is the frontage of the house. Its best feature are its being elevated or raised on a platform, the four-step staircase leading to the balcony and the main door.

The large glass windows and the glass door added to its attraction.  Glass windows are always preferred because they allow natural light to enter the house.

The car park is not a part of the house, meaning it was not built in. This may be was the design preferred by the owner of this house.  But you can always made modifications if you would like to copy this design.

You can use the extra space in front for your car parking  or you an also make this space for your relaxation area.  You may want to put a table and chairs and you can have your coffee session with your friends.

This house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room or hall, a kitchen, and an L-shaped balcony.

The living room is also used as the dining room.  Having a spacious balcony will also allow you to have your dining outside.

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