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This Orange Home Makes You Feel A Lot Vibrant and Younger

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Ulric Home  has defined what a bungalow is in one their posts.In one of our posts.  It traced the origin of the world bungalow and it explained that bungalow comes from the Hindi word bangala meaning belonging to Bengal. In fact, bungalows were first built in India in the mid-nineteenth century by the British. Their intention was to design a ground level and easy to construct house for travelers.  Then as years pass by, modifications have been made to refine a bungalow. However, the term still remains to mean any single-floor house.

House and Decors said in one of their posts that the overall appearance of a house actually depends on the preferences of the home owners.  The paint color, the shape and placement of the veranda or balcony, the location of the different areas, and even the kinds of decors and stuffs to fill up the house are all depended on what the owner want.

All these wonderful ideas may have been crafted by the home owner which he or she had communicated to the architect to bring to life.  This is perhaps how this house that is featured today came into being.

The paint color for the exterior of this house as you can see obviously is orange and white.  House Beautiful said that orange expands your thinking. This vibrant hue reduces self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. The use of this color has a great impact on the home owner or in people who view it.  Orange is often used as a main color in your home when  when you want to feel younger. It is the color of laughter and celebration.

The lines, posts, and the window frames are suggestive that this house used a lot of modern architecture ideas.

Built in a 95 square meters, this house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms,  a living room / hall, a kitchen and a spacious dining area.  It also has a balcony to receive guests who prefer to stay only for few minuets that they do not need to the living room. With a balcony, you can have a place to breathe in fresh air while you have coffee or smoothie.


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