Simple and affordable elevated three-bedroom bungalow

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This single-storey three-bedroom house plan was designed to be constructed using simple materials. It was designed for people who are average salary earners.  Its size is just right for a newly wed couple or a family of 3-4 members.

It employs a lot of modern architecture as seen on the use of clear lines and geometric shapes and forms like the groves, balustrade, trimmings, and window frames.


The exit door or back door is not located at the back of the house but on the side just fronting the carport.  The floor is elevated 4 steps higher than the ground making it flood-proof.

It uses shed roof style which is installed using steel trusses with long span ribbed-type pre-painted G.I. roofing.

The facade is well-designed.  The walls are decorated with bricks and the porch is enclosed with balustrade, wood-like frame and pergola.  The color combination gray, black and light brown exudes a cool and relaxing mood though for some this reflects subdued aura.


The floor plan shows three bedrooms of which one is the master bedroom with its own toilet and bathroom.  It has a living room, a dining, a kitchen and one common toilet and bathroom.  It has also a carport and a porch.

This house can be constructed on a lot with a frontage of at least 10 meters and a depth of 12 meters or roughly 120 sq.m. lot area.

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    Please Share if you like this Design:


    1. this fit my lot with 10mW x 25mL , if the trusses and roofing are galvanize metal , stud wall are also metal , i recommend the sidings most be metal with insulations for good cooling mix with bricks for decorative look no wood to route, meaning its double walling with good hot air vent , if you can do this let me know and kindly send me a plan , i have in mind , no need to change the floor plan as posted thanks

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