Simple three-bedroom bungalow for beginners

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Wherever you go, you will always notice the presence of bungalows.  Bungalows have been there and they are always preferred people who are buying or building their house for the first time.  Aside from he popular reason that bungalows are easy to maintain and building them is affordable, there are also some personal and practical reasons why people prefer them.

Like we always say in our posts about bungalows, they are perhaps the oldest and most common house type and design that we know.  It is popular wherever you are in the world.  They are homeowners’ favorite because they are classic with timeless beauty.  They are comfortable and cozy place for anyone who prefers simple but functional homes.

More often, when we ask people what type of house they want to buy or build, they will give us a very straightforward answer, “Bungalow.”

If you opt for bungalow house plan, it is required, though, that your lot is spacious enough to accommodate the expanse of the bungalow.  It is to be built in a lot where there is enough space to contain the different parts of the house for it does not have upper floors to build them with.

The bungalow that is featured today is suitable for those who have low budget to build a house.  THis model house has an area of ​​119 square meters with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a rest room and a reception area. It is actually estimated to cost around Php1.5-1.8M pesos.

This shows the four-step stairs going to the veranda.  It also serves as the main entrance to the house. The choice of beige, peach and light brown color complements the aura of the house.  It looks better with the accent of white paint on its details like the frames of the windows.

The interior looks spacious and the floor plan looks nice.  To make an interior spacious is actually dependent oh the color of paint used, the floor plan, and the way the ornaments and appliances are placed.

The bathroom looks cool and cozy.. It maybe small but as long as it serves its purpose, then there should be no problem with the size of the bathroom.

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