Loft-style Home with a Balcony and a Multi-purpose Basement

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Today, we are featuring a new design of a house called the loft-style home design. This may not be your first time to see a loft.  You may have seen one like this before but you may not be aware that it is actually called loft.

To understand better what a loft means, we  adopted how Homedit describes it. Homedit defines a loft as “generally used to describe an upper storey or attic in a building, in other words the space directly under the roof. A loft apartment, on the other hand, refers to a large adaptable open space, often a former industrial building or other type of space converted for residential use. This freedom in terms of design and adaptability has resulted in some very beautiful and amazing loft designs. We have selected 10 of the most impressive ones.”

Some house designers and architects have adopted this concept to design houses that they build today.  This modern house was designed with a loft style.  It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living hall and an impressive balcony and a multi-purpose basement.

As you can see, this house has a very spacious basement.  You can actually use the basement for many purposes.  You may want to convert it into an open living area to receive a number of guests or you may wish to make it your venue for a small party.

A part of it may be converted into an entertainment area or a parking space, a work area, or you my wish to convert it into more rooms soon. It all depends on you what you would wish the open basement to make it into.  There are numerous possibilities.

Evidently, the balcony is very expansive.  This adds an attraction to this house for those who are looking for a spacious balcony.

The staircase, which is made of steel looks just great and matches the modern design of this house. The large windows are suggestive of modern design.  They give a mood of simplicity but neat and tidy design.

For those who love to have a loft-style house, you may adopt this design as an inspiration for you to make your own.

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