Elevated Modern Bungalow Design

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For those who want to build a bungalow house but would want it to look higher and more sophisticated than a traditional bungalow, they would prefer for an elevated single floor design.  Front elevation in bungalow designs is becoming popular these days.  It gives a look of uniqueness and obviously it is a head-turner.

Front elevations are usually perfected by stairways and balustrades.  The banisters are undeniably a piece that enhance the appearance of a facade of a any building especially if they come with attractive designs.

The staircase of this elevated bungalow serve a double purpose.  First it serves as the entry point to the main house and second, it serves an aesthetic function because it adds attraction to it.  Stairs are really a wonderful piece to design with grills and banisters for support and beauty as well.

The back of the house shows the back veranda and the ventilation and entrance to the elevated portion of the house which could be transformed into a basement for storage and perhaps for a safer refuge.

Many house, owners now indeed build their houses with a hidden basement like this one.  From the outside, it just looks like an elevated bungalow but it may also be a house with a functional basement.

The choice of granite tiles for the flooring is perfect for any house because granite tiles are timeless and their luster can stay for a long time as long as they are being maintained.

Another attraction in this hall or living room area is the chandelier which stands out against the darl hues of the doors.

The glass door and glass windows are always perfect.  They exude an aura of freshness and relaxation because natural light seeps in through them.

This is the magnificent view from the interior of the house going out to the veranda.  With the glass door, the beauty of nature outside is readily seen and the surroundings are just a glimpse away from the veranda.

You will never go wrong with a bungalow house because it offers a lot of space that are accessible to one another.  You don’t need to go up the stairs to reach the other parts because they are just located in a compact single floor.


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  1. can you provide for the lot area required, with the floor area and estinated cost…if its ok.thank you.

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