Impressive Two-bedroom Bungalow House Design

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Bungalow homes are still very popular and offer a great attraction to passersby especially when it is stylishly designed.  Bungalows are often wide to accommodate all the rooms in a house.  The trick of putting together all these rooms in a single floor design depends on how artistic and resourceful  the architect is.

Sometimes the trick also depends on the interior designer.  If the house has a limited space, the strategic placement of appliances and furniture will do the trick.  Color combination also plays a aesthetic role in making a place look more spacious and cozy.

Bungalows feature a low-slung roof with a considerably high dome to add an impression of height and to look proportional with the width and depth of the design.  Designers can play with materials such as stone, cement, wood, shingles, and clapboard accentuated with window grills or banisters if the design has front stairs.

Most bungalows have big windows which is an additional attraction to their size.  It is often built in a large compound with enough space for parking, backyard gardening, or even putting up a jacuzzi  or a small swimming pool.

The color combination of white, gray, and beige exudes a mood of timelessness. Gray and beige offer balance.  They also create a calm environment which offer relaxation especially when coming home from a long day at work.

These colors are also ideal with accessories and furniture. Painting your exterior depends on what mood you want to express. Many designers believe that light shades of silver and gray exude a feminine feel, while darker shades like charcoal and gunmetal express a stronger vibe that evoke masculinity.

The interior of this bungalow features a really spacious living room and dining hall in one.  It is located in the center of the house because most bungalows are designed this way. It has plenty of windows to allow for natural light to seep in and also for ventilation.

Building built-ins such as cabinets, sideboards, hutches, and cupboards save space that allows manageability and easy access to other parts of the house.

Another stunning feature of this design is that the facade features a veranda and a small pool which adds to its elegance and style.

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