Spacious Bungalow in a Large Compound

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The bungalow house plans have never been outdated since time immemorial.  They are still popular to many delighted house owners and prospective house owners who are planning to either buy or build their home.

Bungalows are perhaps the oldest and most common house type and design the world has.  It is popular all over the world.  They are preferred because they are classic with timeless beauty.  They offer comfortable and cozy abode for anyone who is looking for simple yet spacious home.

So, for anyone who is planning to own a house, what are the pros and cons of choosing a bungalow house plan? We often get this question from prospective house owners.  To build a two-storey house or a bungalow actually depends on personal choices and the requirements the owners have for a house.

If you are going to choose a bungalow house plan, the most convenience it gives is perhaps its being accessible with every part of the house adjacent to each other.  It is also very advisable for older people and for families with small children to have this kind of abode to avoid climbing the stairs that may be the cause of accidents like falling or stumbling down.


This bungalow house design is obviously very roomy and with spacious front yard.  The roof is perhaps one of the best attractions it has because it shows being sturdy and string for any calamities like typhoon and prolonged storm.

The kitchen does not need to be very spacious to be useful.  As long as there is enough space to cook and there are kitchen cabinets where to place the stuffs then it is a cool place to start with.  Kitchens are usually painted with darker colors but in this property, the home owner preferred to have a lighter painting to have a contrast with the fire element.  Paint color and decors always depend on the home owners choice anyway.

This area can become the dining because it is located near the kitchen.  The design of the ceiling is perfect.  It is simple and yet it gives an extra aesthetic appearance to the place. Beige and off-white colors always go together because they reflect warmth and serene mood.


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