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Single Storey Contemporary House Design

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Have you been dreaming of building or buying your first house lately but with a limited budget to start with? Take a look at this single storey house design that is featured in this issue. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living hall, one kitchen with dining area, and a parking space outside.

This size is very much suitable for beginners like the newly weds because there is just a small space to manage and maintain.  But even if it a small house, it is equipped most of the areas of the house that one needs for occupying.

The good thing to consider in this single storey house design is that the budget can start from roughly $14,000 or around Php 700,000. You do not need one million to build and finish this house.

For anyone interested, you can style your house the same way as this one in the picture.  It is petite indeed but when you get the mood to decorate it, living and it is as much as exciting as living in a big house.  One advantage of a small house is the low maintenance and easy access of every area.

If you are a minimalist who prefers less stuffs and more space to move around, then this is very suitable for you.

The different areas of the house are carefully planned and crafted in this house design. In the opening, it starts with the garage for car’s parking and opens up to a long hall that accommodates the living area, the dining, and the kitchen.

This is a very practical way of designing a small house.  The owners just need to be very resourceful in sectioning and decorating so that it would look spacious.  Small stuffs and appliances are preferred over the bulky and large ones.

With the 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 long hall with living room and 1 kitchen with dining room, this house is perfect for beginners and for anyone who is seeking for independence. You can build this size and design in an area of approximately 70 square meters only with  an affordable price of more or less $14,000 or Php 700,000.00.



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