Simple two-bedroom bungalow design

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The bungalow home design is growing in popularity nowadays because it offers a single floor with spacious rooms throughout its floor plan.  This design is often preferred by retirees and home owners who prefer a more manageable home with low-maintenance but combined with modern living with convenience.

The design featured here offers an inspiration to future home owners who are planning to build their house especially those who opt for a single floor design with spacious environs that could accommodate a gorgeous landscape, veranda, gazebo, or a coffee session spot.

This simple two-bedroom bungalow design is ideal for first time home owners looking for low-cost home acquisition whether you will construct it on a lot of your choice or buy it, it costs less than two-storey houses.

This petite design exudes an aura of simplicity but offers a space of privacy, manageable for decluttering, cleaning, rearranging, and remodeling.

One of aspect of this simple design that attracts its viewers and prospect owners is the large glass windows.  Large glass windows are being requested by most home owners today because of the natural light and ventilation that they offer adding a mood of relaxation and freshness in the interior.

Your home doesn’t need to be a two-storey to be nice and you do not actually need a lot of money to design it to look classy and expensive.  The secret to make a house captivating lies on the tricks that you do to make it appear big or luxurious depending on what mood you want it to project.

You just need to choose the right color combination of your wall and tiles and the curtains or accessories that go with your furniture.

For small spaces, you don’t need to buy a really big stuff to put there.  Choose the petite stuffs that give an impression elegance when combined with other stuffs.  You may ask the assistance of an interior designer  to help you through or you can watch TV shows or YouTube videos about interior designing.

The choice of unique tile design and color can do a trick decorating your small bathroom. One of the recommendations of the experts when choosing a color for tiles is that darker color should be placed in the lower zone, mild tone color should be in the level of the yes and the brighter color should be above us. But this is not always the rule.  You can always design your bathroom according to your preference.


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