Contemporary Two-bedroom Bungalow with Roof Deck

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Are you still thinking of what kind and style of house to buy or build? Are you having a hard time to choose and finally decide the right house style for you? If that is your case, then you must need our help.

Check out this bungalow that we have today.  Its most appealing feature may be how the roof was designed.  It is basically a cross hipped roof with dormer window, and aside from that, it also has a roof deck!

Roof decks are always appealing to anyone.  Those who have already bought their house without a roof deck are dreaming of building a roof deck for their house.  Well, this is always possible as long as the foundation of the structure supports it.  If not, an architect can always remedy it.

Looking at this bungalow really inspires you to build your own house very soon.  It showcases the perfect combination of colors.  Beige stands out as contrasted with dark colors like dark brown as the color of the trimmings and the window frames and gray for the pillars.

This is how the floor plan looks like.  There is a carport and a porch in front of the house.  Upon entry, you will be welcomed by a spacious living room and a well-designed dining area.

There are two big bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom that has its own toilet and bath.  It also has enough space for a dresser.

A staircase is located near the dining area leading to the roof deck.  The roof deck provides for a full view of the outdoors. It can also become a garden or you may also want to have a jacuzzi atop your house.

If you like this design and would like to request for the floor plan, you may contact us by leaving your comment here.  Our architects will be very glad to have you assisted. We post different designs every day which you can use for your inspiration. You can browse through our other designs and contact us if you need further assistance.

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