Minimalist Modern Bungalow for Beginners

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Are you planning to buy or build your own house? What are your requirements for a house? Have you considered a modern house? Check this minimalist modern bungalow design that we are featuring on this post.

The concept of minimalism is gaining popularity over the years as a design philosophy and a way of life. Many people are now adopting it and they claim that they live peacefully with it without excess baggage.

In architecture, minimalism is all about achieving a design that promotes simplicity of form, space, decorations, color, layout, and details. To achieve this, the available space must be used strategically to convey the message of order and simplicity.

Minimalism is conveyed in this house that we are featuring on this issue. The floor plan has a total area of 52.64 square meters sitting on a 120 square meters lot.

It is very important for a minimalist design to convey the message of simplicity which is often seen in its design.  It basically portrays clear lines, basic geometric forms, the use of one to two colors, and repetition of structures, strategic use of materials and space, and the use of simple stuffs and color for the interior.

YR Architecture Design emphasizes that simple forms, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, modest storage areas, and an emphasis on views and daylight are defining characteristics of many minimalist floor plans.

The website also states that uncomplicated punched openings for doors and windows punctuate the facades of most or every house design employing minimalism, especially those that are created as modern houses. Overall, minimalism is all about simple house design that avoids complex curves or angles, too many decorations, loud colors, and also employing simple roof profiles.

With this lot size, it is enough to accommodate a carport, three bedrooms, one common bathroom and toilet, an open floor lay out for the living and dining areas and the kitchen.

It is estimated to cost around 2.7M-2.8M in Philippine peso or that would be around US$ 54,000-56,000.  But then again, like we always say, this is just an estimate.  The cost may be lesser or more depending on your preferences and the materials that you choose to build the house.



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