How to Deep Clean Your New House Before You Move In

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We think it is an essential step to deep clean your new house before you move in. Sure it can be done after the moving process but cleaning an empty house is more accessible than cleaning a cluttered one while juggling unpacking and arranging. When trying to manage all the tasks simultaneously, it is easy to forget and backtrack. This written piece aims to help you stay on course with the deep clean of your new home.

Since the fundamental steps to deep clean your new house before you move in includes dusting, a good idea is to start at the top so that the dust collected on the floor can be swept at the end. Speaking of which, it is also a good idea to know how to clean the different types of bases. Such as a hardwood vacuum mop would be ideal for wooden floors.

Is a Deep Clean Necessary?

Whether the place is newly built or has already been lived in, there are various reasons why cleaning a new house before moving in and making it your haven is crucial. This is especially important if your family consists of a child.

The people who lived before you may not have maintained the same level of hygiene as you do or expect. On the other hand, if the place is brand new, some things such as changing the toilet seat or air filters may not be so necessary, but it is still important to consider that strangers may have stepped on the floors with their outside shoes. With the change in weather comes flu season, and the one place where our children should be safe from outside germs is their very own home.

We have all missed and forgotten things in a rush that would have felt obvious in other situations. Although a deep clean can feel very basic, a few key reminders can help you work efficiently. Aside from ensuring safety by changing and checking the locks, the following section gives you an overview to help with your deep clean sessions.

A Deep Cleaning Regime

Keen to start with deep clean? Well, wait no longer. Read on to find a deep clean checklist.

Insect Control

It gets challenging to spot insects during daytime visits to the house you check out to buy. Since pest control treatment at home requires everyone to step out, it could prove to be a nuisance after moving in. Therefore, the perfect time to call up a pest control service near you would be before the moving process when there are zero chances of harming or troubling anyone.

Essential Areas First

Remember that although schedules are great, you can fall behind anytime. The best way to take on this would be to clean the essential areas first. You can always keep cleaning after moving in, but a few places must be dealt with first. Since you will need a good night’s rest after the hard work, set up and clean a room to sleep in. You can huddle up with your family too. Next is the kitchen; you will need your energy, so cooking should be uninterrupted. Remember to clean the sink and oven thoroughly while you are at it. Homemade methods such as lemon, warm water, vinegar, and baking soda can be used. A clean bathroom is also vital since you would not want to go if uncomfortable.

Clean Top to Bottom

When cleaning these rooms, or rather any space, you should remember that whatever you dust on the top will fall to the bottom. For example, let us think of cleaning a fan. Even if we use the new hack of pulling the dirt away with an old pillowcase, some of it will inevitably fall to the ground, which can be a hassle if you have cleaned the floors already. So leave the ground area for the last.

Wall Wash

Although a rarely mentioned tip, washing the walls really helps bring out the color of the insides. If you are getting the walls painted, this one is not for you. But if the house had kids with drawings and other debris on the walls, the best way to make it look pristine again is to wash it with a water and vinegar mixture. You can also find products like an eraser to take off more stubborn markings like that of crayon.


As advised before, cleaning the floors will be the last step of any given room. However, you have to know which method is suitable for each of the different types of floors. Since carpets are the hardest to clean, you can consider getting help from professionals. They will clean it with steam, and you can vacuum after. A hardwood floor vacuum mop with disinfectant will work just fine for wooden floors. In fact, any base compatible with water can be cleaned the same way. When switching from bathrooms, you can change the disposable pad to maintain good hygiene.

Maintaining a Clean House

After you have moved in, regular cleaning is also necessary to make living in the house or even moving in the future an easy process. Besides, living in a hygienic environment reduces the chances of catching diseases. Additional to vacuuming, you can mop every week and pour in some disinfectant to provide an extra layer of protection.

Look out for discoloration on floors and marks on walls so you can take care of them before they dry out. The quicker you clean them, the easier it will be for you. With a regular agenda, you will not have to ask how to clean house fast anymore; it will come naturally.

How much will it cost to deep clean before moving in?

You can do most of it by yourself. If you have family and friends, you can also ask for help. Your expenses may vary on whether you need professional services such as pest control and steam cleaning carpet.

Final Words

We know the moving process can take a long time and require a lot of energy, which is why we hope this checklist will keep your deep clean in order and keep you from losing your mind. Happy moving!

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