4 Hacks To Keep Your Area Rug Clean All Year

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A lot of people are so busy keeping their entire house clean that they are actually forgetting to touch some of the more important aspects of it. We are of course talking about the trusty rug. This part of the home is seldomly cleaned properly but it is a must that it’s always in the best condition.

Rugs and carpets that aren’t properly maintained will eventually get ruined quicker because of the solid dirt. Other than that, it’s also worth noting that rugs can house bacteria as well so this could result in major health complications. As such, we highly suggest cleaning your rugs. Here are four ways you can do it easily.

Vacuum Daily

This should be a given by not but it’s a must that you vacuum daily. You don’t need to vacuum all-around your house, just focus on your rugs. This is the part of the house that people step on again and again so it’s bound to have a lot of dust and solid particles.

It’s a must that you invest in a good vacuum. Water filter vacuums are all the rage now as these not only keep your floor clean, it also ensures that the atmosphere in your house is free from contaminants too.

Let The Pros Step In

If you want to ensure that your rug is clean through and through, then it’s a must that you have pros do the work for you. You can depend on professional flokati rug cleaners not only to take away the solid dirt from your rug but also to sanitize it as well. It’s not a service that you need to use daily though. You can have them scheduled to visit at least once a week which is a necessity.

Have A Damp Cotton cloth Ready

When someone is eating nearby a rug, it’s imperative that you have a damp cloth ready. One of the worst things to happen to your rug is to have liquid spill on it but it is very common for things like this to happen. A damp cotton cloth can lessen the impact of the spill on your rug.

Basically, all you need to do is place the cotton cloth on the affected area and it will absorb it easily. If you want to be prepared at all times, hide tiny containers that have cotton and a few drops of water in rooms where there are rugs. Your future self is going to thank you for it!

Protection From Pets

There are some rugs that are actually pet-friendly. While more expensive, these rugs are very durable and they don’t easily get ruined when your dog or cat scratches them. As a general rule of thumb, there should be a scratching post nearby rugs at all times so that your cat is distracted by it.

Rugs are important and they need cleaning from time to time too. These four hacks are just the start, there are many other important tips and tricks that you may want to know when it comes to protecting your rugs. Remember, it’s not just your rugs you are protecting, it’s also your health.

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