12 Ideas for organizing a small bathroom space

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Make the most of the small bathroom space with these ideas. Small shelves or furniture with drawers, or simple organizers that you can make at home will be essential to put an order in small bathrooms.

We all believe that we never have enough space. The memory of our phone does not reach us and neither does the space in our home.

But the reality is that we are probably using that space in the wrong way, and it seems to us that it is not enough.

Organization in the bathroom sometimes seems impossible, since it is an environment that contains many personal elements of different sizes and of different people yet small space.

Luckily, in this article, together with Shoppok we bring you proposals so that you can take advantage of every useful inch of your bathroom and keep that space fully organized.

Here are the 12 simple but effective ideas on how to organize your small bathroom space

1. Make the most of vertical space

The best way to take advantage of a small space is to use the vertical space to the maximum. Opt for tall, narrow furniture that has plenty of storage space.

You can opt for closed furniture or open shelving, depending on the style of your bathroom. These pieces, in addition to storing your belongings, can serve as a boundary between different areas of the environment.

2. Use the space under the pot

Whether with a cabinet with built-in storage or with shelves and baskets, the place under the sink should not be wasted. It is the ideal place to store all personal hygiene products since it is within reach of the sink.

3. And also the one above the toilet

This is a generally unused space that can be used with a piece of furniture or shelves. You can find many storage options that fit the space you have available, but remember that it is better if it is a narrow piece so as not to impede the use of the toilet.

4. Take advantage of every corner

Find furniture that will fit in small spaces that are empty, such as the spot between the sink and the toilet. You can find many small modular solutions that fit your space and add storage space.

5. Bet on furniture with a mirror

If you need a large storage unit, choose one with a mirror to help visually enlarge the space. In addition to hiding all your products, the mirrored lid is a functional surface to get ready in the morning.

6. Tidy up inside the furniture

Not only should it be tidy on the outside, but it is advisable to order your furniture inside to be able to classify your products and find them easily. Get boxes or containers that fit perfectly on your shelves.

When it comes to organizing, Marie Kondo’s rules can be applied to any space, especially small places such as the bathroom. Sure that ordering all your products will take time, but you will not regret it, we assure you.

7. Use baskets on open furniture

On the contrary, if you have open furniture, these baskets will become the visible part of your storage. Make sure they are the same style, color, and size to make it look better visually.

If you need to add storage space, you can place baskets on the floor, but keep in mind that they look organized or have a lid, so that it does not break the harmony of the space.

8. Do not leave walls unused

Every corner in a small bathroom is an opportunity and the walls are your best allies. You can place hooks to hang towels and robes, taking advantage of each surface in a functional way.

9. Take advantage of the doors

We always say it: doors are never taken advantage of, but you can find resources to change that. In small bathrooms, every space counts and the door is a large space that must be used.

By placing a shelf over the door and hooks on it, you can expand your storage space in a small bathroom.

10. Add a stool

It may seem strange to add a stool in a small space, but if you follow the advice that we propose, you will need it. A stool will serve you to reach the highest storage places and as an extra support surface, something that is appreciated in small spaces.

11. Less in sight

The more things you have stored in their corresponding places, the easier it will be to use your bathroom. That is why it is so important to have a lot of storage space available and well organized so that your bathroom is useful in its entirety.

The support space on the counter must be as free as possible, to be able to use it. Always remember that less is more, in this case, more space for you.

12. Avoid accumulating

It happens with all the spaces of the home, but in the bathroom even more. It is a place where it is very easy to accumulate empty or expired cans, which take up space and make everything a mess. Take the time to organize your items and keep what you really need.

To have your bathroom always in order, keep in mind the Japanese technique Danshari or “art of throwing” which is based on keeping the necessary products in our lives and nothing else. This way you will achieve a bathroom that will be pleasant to use.

Manage to organize your small bathroom

Are you already inspired? We hope these tips help you take that step in the difficult task of organizing a home environment. When it comes to the bathroom, we assure you that the functionality will be much better once you find the organizational solutions you need.

An organized bathroom will make your life easier, plus it will look prettier. Start thinking about which ideas are best suited to your space and motivate yourself to implement them, you will see that you will love order and want to start implementing it in the rest of the house.

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