One Storey Residential House in White & Blue Tones

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Designers ensure to shape architecture to the advancement and ascend to new heights. Everybody wants to own a house, that’s for sure. However, cost implications still stand to be one of the major elements that block the way for most families. For this reason, designers continue to offer various designs of different types to cater all family income levels. If you are looking for a trendy house then, consider this one storey residential house with extraordinary features and benefits.

Present-day architecture presents a broad variety of designs that answer the needs of every family. Houses that define style, character, aesthetics as well as benefits. This blog offers a new dimension of a multi-faceted home. This graceful and charming design offers a new a unique concept that definitely catches the attention of many. In fact, it looks simple but elegant.

Picture of One Storey Residential House in Cream & Blue Tones

Description of One Storey Residential House in White & Blue Tones

This elevated one storey house has two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms sitting in a lot that measures 8.0 x 12.0 meters and has a total living space of 96.0 square meters.  The graceful look of the facade inspires a simple design, which combines warm blue shade instilling warmth and cream to associate with tidiness. The darker tone is used above the ceiling line in contrast to the cream-painted wall to add more depth.

Picture of One Storey Residential House in Cream & Blue Tones

The main floor house level elevates by three steps from the garage level. It features a porch with grey floor tiles and a pillar accentuated by brown bricks and moldings at the middle height. There is also a spacious verandah with grey floor tiles, a bench, and black painted guardrails which serves as an extension of the living room for relaxation. Similarly, the glass doors and glass window panels in white aluminum casements offer an extra appeal.

The shed roofs with grey sheets in sloping design towards the rear look graceful and elegant with artistic design and assemblies.

Picture of One Storey Residential House in Cream & Blue Tones

Visibly, the exterior façade bursts in character with the clean application of mineral plaster finish wall in cream-colored paint. Meanwhile, the blue-colored clerestory and base deliver a warm blend to the overall character of the house. Furthermore, the other highlights of this house are the rectangular footpath and inviting parking space both in grey color.

Specifications and Floor Plan of One Storey Residential House in White & Blue Tones

A rectangular plan with a smart and functional layout, the house features the following specifications – porch, verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and parking space.

An inviting porch serves as a perfect entrance to the living room through glass doors. The living spaces occupy the right side of the design, while the two bedrooms settle at the left section of the house. The dining room and kitchen sit in front of the living room forming a rectangular layout. Meanwhile, the two bathrooms sit adjacent to the kitchen at the back. A spacious open area on the left side of the house is dedicated to accommodating two vehicles.

To sum up, this residential house is definitely a standout in terms of design, aesthetics, and comfort.

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