Elegant House Design with Contemporary Features

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Presently, there are satisfactory reasons to appreciate the advantages of modern bungalows. We are bombarded by climatic changes which affect every aspect of our lives. In today’s residential housing, to have space, privacy and energy appear difficult to realize. However, there are ways to attain these elements; and this is what this elegant house design will offer.

The primary objective of this one storey house design is to offer a contented ambiance and at the same time, a healthy environment. A gorgeous family house, the project has an excellent layout and connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Picture of Elegant House Design with Contemporary Features

Description of an Elegant House Design with Contemporary Features

The outdoor setting that surrounds the structure is a perfect place to relax. You may enjoy breakfast in the open air as well as simple exposure to rays of the sun in the morning. White and grey blends always make a perfect combination when it comes to color choices for houses. In fact, the mix perfectly matches and creates a tidy and pleasant appeal. Undoubtedly, the coziness it brings is immeasurable. In contrast, the aluminum casements in brown color deliver a little touch of deviation but are eye-catching.

As can be seen, the exterior looks simple but very elegant with the contemporary lines and details in a refined assembly and workmanship. The exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in a mix of white and grey projects a graceful façade in terms of concept and execution. Overall, the entire exterior simply explodes excellently with elegance.

Specifications and Floor Plan of an Elegant House Design with Contemporary Features

A gorgeous bungalow house design; this modern home plan stands in a lot with a building space of 95.0 sq. meters. A home that suits families who value contemporary design and style, has the following specifications – porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms with individual attached bathrooms, storage room, and an open parking space.

This bungalow house is just perfect with regards to the floor plan and functionality. In fact, the interior design features an open layout for the living spaces which occupy the middle section of the plan. Consequently, the layout offers a comfortable atmosphere inside as it is in the outdoor space. Meanwhile, the private zone of three bedrooms surrounds the living spaces on three corners. The front space in grey tiles serves as the parking area. Likewise, it can be an extension of the living room for relaxation and family-related activities.

This elegant house design will certainly win the hearts of most families.

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