High Ceiling House Plan with Traditional Accent

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Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision many people make. But it’s not as simple as that. In fact, the benefits of home ownership don’t come without costs and limitations. But then, if your financial status is safe, then the question is what house to buy? A house with a traditional touch will always be one with timeless appeal. Thus, the house we offer today is a high ceiling house plan with a traditional accent hoping to be liked by many families.

Picture of High Ceiling House Plan with Traditional Accent

High ceilings are fixtures of homes ever since, but they have made the leap to modernity nowadays. If you happen to see a residence with high ceilings, the first thing that you will observe is the space above which is different from most bungalow houses.  You will feel that there is an immediate sense of space, air, and light. In fact, that is the distinct property of these types of houses.

Picture of High Ceiling House Plan with Traditional Accent

Description of a High Ceiling House Plan

We feature a house with a mixed theme of simplicity and traditional touch, yet modern as well. The exterior facade may look dry and boring, but it carries a distinct character. Actually, the house is trying to sell an image of comfort and unique aesthetics as well. The atmosphere and ventilation are at a different level because of the height itself.

Picture of High Ceiling House Plan with Traditional Accent

Let us enumerate the remarkable features of this residence.

  • raised elevation scheme with the base painted in strong grey shade
  • inviting terrace with brown–colored marble tiles, black painted steel guardrails, and separate shed roof
  • a small balcony with black steel railings and canopy-like roof accessible from the master’s bedroom
  • elevated porch at the back with brown marble tiles and similar black steel guardrails
  • wooden wall cladding in the main entrance
  • sliding glass doors and window glass panels in dark grey aluminum casements ventilating the interior of the structure
  • exterior walls in all elevations with salt concrete finish
  • wooden clerestory and shed roof assembly with grey-colored sheets
  • rectangular footpath, tiled driveway, and open parking space
  • pleasant garden and landscaping promoting healthy living

House Specifications and Floor Pan of High Ceiling House Plan

The featured house stands in a lot that measures 10.0 x 14.0 meters and a usable building space of 128.0 sq. meters. The space is big enough to accommodate the following specifications: terrace, balcony and porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a parking space.

This house features an inviting terrace serving as a perfect entrance to the spacious living room. The living spaces occupy the right and backside of the plan while the private zone of two bedrooms settles at the right section of the design. Meanwhile, the parking space sits comfortably in the open space at the left of the house.

The high ceiling concept and a green atmosphere take this house to a high level of comfort, apart from being environmentally friendly.

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