Simple One Storey House with Artistic Woodwork

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Single-story house plans first became prevalent many years ago, and recently have seen a resurgence in popularity. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles from a simple cottage to a gorgeous residence. In fact, great one storey house plans bring a lot of benefits both in designs and functions. In particular, this simple one storey house plan with artistic woodwork will be perfect for every stage of life.

Additionally, single storey houses are easy to maintain and have a lower maintenance cost. With a one storey house plan, accessing every part of the house will be easier and safer as compared to multiple storey houses. Likewise, an aesthetic appeal can be as elegant as any other type of house.

Picture of Simple One Story House Plan with Artistic Woodwork

Description of Simple One Storey House Plan

It is cheaper to build flat. You will require fewer materials when building a single storey home compared to a unit with additional floors. Moreover, single storey homes are more efficient in regards to space and time. And this is what the featured house will offer.

As can be seen, the exterior façade of this house projects simplicity but charming. In fact, it takes only a few materials and efficient workmanship to turn this into a beautiful structure. The refinement of assembly makes this unit a standout in its own features.

Picture of Simple One Story House Plan with Artistic Woodwork

But, what makes this house an elegant residence? The fusion of cream, brown and grey colors works for this residence that shines outstandingly. The brown shades exhibited by the wall cladding, marble tiles, clerestory, and vertical wood laths produce a smart assembly and aesthetics. Meanwhile, the grey shades used in the columns and base register a great contrast to the brown tones creating a pleasant character.

Picture of Simple One Story House Plan with Artistic Woodwork

The sliding glass doors and glass window panels both in dark grey frames supply enough light and air to ventilate the interior of the house. Moreover, the exterior looks very tidy with a mineral plaster finish on cream paint. Likewise, the shed roof assembly with grey sheets completes the grace of this structure.

Overall, the charisma of the exterior of this building will leave a lasting appeal to most individuals.

Specifications of Simple One Storey House Plan

Actually, the house in feature is originally an office but can be converted into a real home, a resort house, or a vacation home. This unit stands in a lot that measures 10.0 x 11.0 sq. meters with a usable space of approximately 100.0 sq. meters. As an office, it contains the office in front and the big space for the office extension and storage area.

By the way, as a house, it features a spacious balcony which could serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation and family-related activities. The big space can be a design that comprises a living room and a combined dining room and kitchen. Meanwhile, the office can be a spacious bedroom with furniture to create an inviting space. The bathroom is designed as a detached component.

Indeed, whether a house or an office, this house will win many hearts because of its aesthetics, functions, and comfort it offers.

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