Beautiful Small Farm House with a Wooden Design

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If you are looking for a relaxed home for vacation purposes, then you have to consider the type of house and location. Occasionally it’s a nice feeling to experience an adjustment of environment and atmosphere especially if we get weary and bored of busy life in the metropolis. Definitely, we need to recharge and refresh ourselves for a healthy life. Here is a beautiful small farm house that is a perfect choice for a vacation.

This vacation home can be excellent for families in the countryside communities. Similarly, it can be a vacation house for families living in metropolitan areas who wants to swing a demanding cycle into quietness. Whichever case, this one storey house unit is a perfect place, obviously, for health reasons.

Picture of Beautiful Small Farm House with a Wooden Design

Description of Beautiful Small Farm House with a Wooden Design

This wooden house design is modest yet beautiful and offers comfort considering the type of house, setting, and location. For families with private properties who want to own a farm house, this is one unit to consider. Certainly, a simple house like this built in the middle of the farm is a good stress reliever.

This house plan suits a lot away from the city with the main purpose of offering a tranquil environment for the comfort of the residents. The house is in a raised elevation and built with a stilt concept to bring it to a higher elevation to withstand floods. Of course, the concept produces an extra character to the house.

Picture of Beautiful Small Farm House with a Wooden Design

The featured house although built with wood did not fail to deliver modernism and elegance. As can be seen, the building features clean contemporary lines in a refined fixation. The house featured an elevated terrace with wooden balusters and a bench. This space can also serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation and other family-related activities.

Visibly, the structure looks very refined with the details from the stairs, balusters exterior walls and finishing, roof assembly, and internal concepts and layout. The exterior façade also bursts in character with a door made of glass and wood and few glass windows. These mediums are responsible to ventilate the interior of the house. One of the most excellent highlights of this farm house is the well-designed cross hip roof with light brown-colored tiles.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Beautiful Small Farm House with a Wooden Design

A simple house, it contains basic components like a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, one-bedroom, and one bathroom.

A compact and straightforward design, it features an inviting terrace which is a perfect entrance to the living room through the main door. The dining room and kitchen sit in front of the living room. Meanwhile, the lone bedroom is on the right of the living room with the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom.

The entire structure looks very modern from design, layout, and finishing and delivers a stunning wooden residence or vacation home. Indeed, the comfort level is immeasurable in this house with lovely landscaping.

Credit to:  Amita – Design and Build



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