Modern One Storey House Plan with Cross Hip Roof

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The choice between a single or double storey house has always been a complicated issue for the family. If you are caught between walls in a budget, a one level house is a smart choice for your first home. Undoubtedly, the house that looks very elegant, this modern one storey house plan with a creative hip roof might be the one you need. Furthermore, aside from the lower cost to spend as compared to double storey, it has lots of benefits to offer you.

Picture of Modern One Storey House Design with Cross Hip Roof

Description of Modern One Storey House Plan

As can be seen, this modern design explodes with prominence. Likewise, it looks too strong with its architectural details, assembly and workmanship. Like most common single level houses, the design in an elevation scheme. Actually, it’s a smart idea to have it that way as it raises the height of the house offering an additional aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it gives style and character to the design, thus offering an added value.

Picture of Modern One Storey House Design with Cross Hip Roof

The exterior facade of the structure shows intricacy and elegance at the same time with the following characteristics:

  • elevated verandah with grey marble tiles and stainless steel railings
  • square pillars in the verandah with accents of natural cultured stone in grey color on the bottom height of the column; provided with lightings
  • glass door with wooden frame
  • slim rectangular glass window panels with white frames installed in all elevations
  • well-designed base with cornice in light and dark grey tones
  • exterior façade with columns in light grey color and walls treated with concrete plaster finish in a mix of light and grey paints
  • prominent cross hip roof assembly with grey colored tiles
  • space for parking, garden, and landscaping

Picture of Modern One Storey House Design with Cross Hip Roof

Interior Concepts of Modern One Storey House Plan

Most houses use grey as the dominant color be it in the exterior or interior of the house. In fact, grey has a trademark of expressing coolness and pleasantness. This house in feature is not different from them, as it shines outstandingly in grey color on both sides.

The living room and bedrooms both deliver coziness from walls to ceilings.

Overall, this modern one storey house design promises and promotes relaxation and comfort for the whole family.

Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu



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