Dynamic Two Bedroom House Design with Shed Roof

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To own a house is fulfilment and investment for a family because a house is the heart of life. In fact, it is the place where we feel the spirit of real comfort. Home is also a dwelling where we can create an atmosphere that reflects our lifestyles and characters. At this point, if you are ready to build your first home, we recommend this dynamic two bedroom house design for your inspiration. You can connect to this design as it is full of outstanding features and expressions you will really love.

Picture of Dynamic Two Bedroom House Design with Shed Roof

Description of Dynamic Two Bedroom House Design

This one storey house features a modern design that stands in a building space of 89.94 sq. meters. A stylish curb appeal brands this house a standout in any neighborhood or housing location. The elevated verandah is enhanced by brown floor marble tiles, wall cladding with accents of maroon-colored bricks, and a simple shed roof. Additionally, the other side of the exterior wall is decorated with wooden lath which offers this house a little traditional touch.

Moreover, the bright verandah feels comfortable in a space with a lovely garden and landscaping. Similarly, the interior of the house feels pleasant as well with frosted glass doors and green-tinted window glass panels. These mediums supply enough air and light to ventilate the space. The fusion of white glass aluminum frames and the maroon and brown wall claddings offer a blend of style and grace.

Picture of Dynamic Two Bedroom House Design with Shed Roof

By the way, the exterior walls of the other elevations are in simple raw concrete plaster finish. The concept of plaster finish extends to the design of the clerestory.  Meanwhile, the shed roofs in opposite orientation show to be a perfect style for this residence. Overall, the overall exterior façade of this house delivers a dynamic character by using a blend of white, grey, brown, and maroon colors.

House Specifications of Dynamic Two Bedroom House Design

A dynamic house that caters to a family of 3-4 members, the product includes the following specifications – verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and car park.

A simple but imposing design, an elevated verandah serves as a perfect welcome for this two bedroom modern bungalow house. Visibly, the layout boasts a free-flowing concept for the living spaces that settle on the left portion. The bright living room feels comfortable with the aid of the glass windows that supply enough air and light; the comfort of which also extends to the dining area. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms occupies the right side of the plan. The car park on the other hand sits comfortably on the left side of the house. The layout is very smart and functional.

Indeed, simple but refreshing, this dynamic two bedroom house design is a great choice for families because of its features.

Credit to: Idea Home Thailetgo


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