Small Two Bedroom House Plan with High Ceilings

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Have you ever visited a residence with high ceilings? Definitely, the first thing you will observe is the space above you which is entirely different from the houses that you have seen. Actually, there is an immediate sense of space, air, and light. Additionally, the atmosphere and ventilation are at different levels because of the height of the ceilings. These characteristics are what this small two bedroom house plan offers us. Let us analyze the benefits of this house.

Picture of Small Two Bedroom House Plan with High Ceilings

Description of Small Two Bedroom House Plan

Because of the high ceilings, the house featured today is aesthetically pleasing and elegant as well. Furthermore, in warmer climates, this home will be easier to cool, as well as being energy-efficient. Similarly, high ceilings will permit you to be more creative like modifying internal concepts that fit your character and lifestyle.

This one storey house stands in a lot that measures 7.0 x 8.5 meters giving a usable building space of 54.6 sq. meters comprising of two bedrooms.  This unit is contentedly built in a surrounding where comfort is at a high level because the space is with beautiful landscape across the perimeter of the unit.

Picture of Small Two Bedroom House Plan with High Ceilings

The front exterior of the house focuses on a stylish design using strong contemporary lines. Meanwhile, the open terrace with a separate flat roof also looks stunning. The concept of providing big-sized glass doors and windows is very smart to allow enough air and light to ventilate the interior of the building. Moreover, the outside façade looks cool and dynamic at the same time with a fusion of grey and cream shades with a little touch of orange.

The following architectural details actually make this house elegant.

  • an elevated terrace with brown marble tiles, bench, and column with an accent of grey stone veneer
  • wall cladding with accents of natural stones veneer in grey shade on the left front elevation
  • base foundation with rough-cut stones in grey color
  • big-sized glass doors and windows providing enough supply of light and air for ventilation
  • exterior wall treated with mineral plaster finish in a cream tone
  • shed roof assembly with grey colored sheets and grey clerestory
  • inviting garden as an extension of the living room for relaxation

House Specifications and Floor Plan

A small house but elegant design, it has the following specifications: terrace, living room, combined dining and kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The layout is very simple and compact due to space limitation. The terrace serves as the perfect entrance to the living room through a glass door. The combined dining room and kitchen sit in front of the living room while the two bedrooms occupy the left section of the design.

Overall, the front garden with a couch and the tiled walkway offers additional comfort and character to the house.

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