Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Shade

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Contemporary homes are very popular nowadays because of their features and benefits. Since they perfectly fit with the times and changing lifestyles, they become favorite trends for most homeowners. In fact, this type of house follows no specific standard design, so it’s the owner’s choice to impose what pleases them and integrate their character and personality. Consequently, they will have the house of their dream. Our featured house today is a spacious single level contemporary style home design that is absolutely stunning to win the hearts of most households.

Description of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home Design

As can be seen, this model house is both an expression and impression of glamour, elegance, and sophistication. Visibly, the exterior façade expresses glamour in a soft pink color. Furthermore, the use of an enormous quantity of glass in the entire building is an impression of elegance. Additionally, the fixation, assembly, and workmanship express a high level of sophistication.

Picture of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Exterior

So, what makes this residence a magnificent masterpiece? Let us find out the characteristics that make this house a real standout.

  • entry porch with grey marble tiles and pillars with accents of natural stones in brown color
  • wall-sized green-tinted slidingglass doors with sidelites
  • corner glass windows with green tint on opposite corners of the front elevation
  • glass window panels installed in appropriate locations for ventilation of the interior of the house
  • exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in a cool soft pink shade
  • beautiful lightings on the perimeter
  • well-defined hip roof with brown colored tiles

The overall exterior of the house excellently sparkles with pleasantness and finesse.

Picture of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Exterior

Interior Design of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home Design

This is a design that shows an impressive connection between exterior design and interior concepts. In fact, both sides exude elegance as well as sophistication. Similarly, the refinement and tidiness in workmanship are at a high level. So, let us see how the interior concepts blaze with grace.

The Living Room

Obviously, the living room equally shines as the external façade with a uniform and cool soft color of cream from the floor marble tiles, interior walls, and ceilings.

Picture of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Exterior

The family room is an image of comfort with big-sized glass doors and recessed ceilings and perimeter lightings.

Picture of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Exterior

The bottom border painted in dark brown and the wooden doors offer a little touch of contrast against the whole space. However, the mix registers a cool effect.

Picture of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Exterior

The Bedroom

The space is a reflection of how the living room looks. It utilizes similar paint colors, except in the flooring where wood tiles were used in the bedroom.

Picture of Magnificent Contemporary Style Home in Pink Exterior

The Dining Room

To maintain consistency, the dining room is dressed the same as the other rooms in cream color, with the flooring in light grey tiles.

The Kitchen

Meanwhile, the kitchen looks very modern with light grey floor tiles, cream countertops, brown cabinets, and grey colored wall brick tiles.

The Bathroom

Additionally, the bathroom is exactly an extension of how the other spaces of the house behave. Decorated with soft colors of cream and grey, the whole space looks pleasant.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

This magnificent residence has the following specifications – porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

As can be seen from the design, the layout is very smart and functional with each room placed wisely on their locations. The dining room is at the center of the design which promotes excellent accessibility with respect to the other rooms of the house. The living spaces enjoy a free-flowing concept at the center of the plan. Meanwhile, the private zone of four bedrooms surrounds the living spaces.

To sum up, I believe that this house offers more than comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Credit to: Naibann



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