Beautiful Bungalow House with Sandstone Bricks

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Buying or building a house is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your life because this is an investment. In doing so, you should take into consideration the factors that will affect your current and future status and lifestyle. The trend nowadays is a bungalow type because of its features and of course the cost as compared to two storey homes. For now, we offer a beautiful bungalow house with natural sandstone bricks for your reference.

Picture of Beautiful Bungalow House with Natural Sandstone Bricks

Description of Beautiful Bungalow House with Natural Sandstone Bricks

The house in feature is a bungalow residence that sits in a lot that measures 12.0 x 11.0 meters giving a usable building space of 132.0 sq. meters. Because of the setting in a garden lawn, the comfort it offers is immeasurable.

Picture of Beautiful Bungalow House with Natural Sandstone Bricks

As can be seen, the house stands proud with its refined architectural details and workmanship. Additionally, the well-defined contemporary lines created sophisticated character. Moreover, the choice of soft colors of this one storey house delivers amazing pleasantness to the house.

Picture of Beautiful Bungalow House with Natural Sandstone Bricks

Picture of Beautiful Bungalow House with Natural Sandstone Bricks

What makes this residence a standout? Let us check the excellent characteristics of the house in feature.

  • terrace at the rear side with grey-colored columns
  • rectangular concrete columns in cream paint around the perimeter
  • exterior walls with accents of natural sandstone bricks and mineral plaster finish in grey shade
  • glass entrance door and glass window panels with white aluminum casements installed on appropriate locations
  • prominent two assemblies of shed roof with grey cement tiles in opposite orientation
  • gypsum board ceiling in cream color
  • walkway and driveway with brown and grey tiles
  • attractive parking space
  • lovely garden and landscaping

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Beautiful Bungalow House

As can be seen, this house exudes style and elegance. Furthermore, the overall sophisticated appeal of the house is visible from the exterior design to the smart interior layout. The product specifications of this home are the following: terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, washing room, and carport.

A very smart and functional layout, the living spaces occupying the right backside of the plan, offer better mobility in a free-flowing concept. Meanwhile, the private zone of three bedrooms sits on the left portion of the design. On the other hand, the spacious inviting car park owns the front right corner of the house.

Indeed, nothing can still be asked from a home with an elegant exterior design built in a comfortable setting and atmosphere.

Credit to: Sam House Plans



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