Modern Home Plan with Stunning Grey Exterior

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Have you ever thought of how your dream house be like? Whether you prefer a modern urban house or a sprawling suburban home with complete amenities, most of us hope to find a home that feels like it was made specifically for our family. Well, take a look at this modern home plan with a stunning exterior in grey shade. This might win your heart and be a great inspiration.

Having a dream home is an accomplishment as this is a precious investment for life. Actually, building or buying a house is a complex issue. Because 0f this, the first factor to consider is your financial capacity and everything follows accordingly. Since you are looking for a house investment for life, then ensure that you decide wisely.

Picture of Modern Home Plan with Stunning Grey Shade Exterior

Description of Modern Home Plan with Stunning Grey Shade Exterior

The house in feature stands in a land that measures 14.0 x 16.0 meters, where the floor area has dimensions of 9.6 x 9.1 meters and yields a usable building space of 84.0 sq. meters. If you evaluate the exterior features, there are two words to describe the level of design – well-designed and well-defined. Subsequently, the product is a prominent modern home plan.

Picture of Modern Home Plan with Stunning Grey Shade Exterior

An elegant house, it is sitting in a space with lots of coziness from the garden and landscaping which definitely will be a comfortable place to live. The plan is in an elevated scheme from the natural grade line so the unit can stand a little higher. Moreover, the exterior façade bursts outstandingly with the following features: glass door, glass window panels with grey aluminum casements, and exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in white paint.

Picture of Modern Home Plan with Stunning Grey Shade Exterior

The overall external elevation glares with a blend of soft colors of white and grey throughout the entire structure. The columns in the porch and garage have accents of natural stacked stones in grey tone, which not only define style but prominence as well. Similarly, the base painted in grey as well offers an extra appeal to the structure.

Meanwhile, one of the highlights of this design is the well-defined hip-style roof with grey clay tiles. The grey tiled porch, garage, and rectangular footpath match the roof that burst in character.

House Specifications of Modern Home Plan with Stunning Grey Shade Exterior

This one storey house plan has the following specifications: porch, living area, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, washing area, and garage.

The floor layout is simple and straightforward but functional. An elevated porch is a perfect entrance to the living room through the glass door. The living spaces in a free-flowing concept are on the middle and left side, while the private zone occupies the right side of the plan. Meanwhile, the garage sits comfortably on the left corner of the house.

Overall, this house design justifies being a dream house for most households because of the features it offers.

Credit to: HomePlan2U


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