Luxurious and Modern Two-Storey House Plan With Clean Facade

This two-storey house plan has a clean facade and multiple rooms. [Image Credit: Kerala Home]
This two-storey house plan has a clean facade and multiple rooms. [Image Credit: Kerala Home]
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The decision between getting a one or two-storey house can be a complex and complicated choice. But if you have enough budget when purchasing your new home, a two-storey house is a much better choice.

A two storey house has more rooms and space for the family to move around. You have the advantage to having the potential for larger rooms and a more functional layout. You can also have more bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, which provides more privacy and space while the living area downstairs is perfect for open plan living.



Similar to the two-storey house plan that we have for today.

This two-storey house plan has a clean facade that mixes with the wood, glass, and white paint. The landscaping and the lighting are made simple, adding to the clean effect of the whole home. It is impossible not to notice this house not only because of its modern look but also because of its clean and serene layout.

This house is surrounded by glass windows to make sure that every space is properly lighted and ventilated. It also features a top to bottom glass window as the accent of the front part of the house.



Here is the floor plan of the house:



Before you enter the house, you can see the spacious garage that can fit two cars.

Upon entrance from the entryway, you will immediately be greeted by the living room. There are two dining halls and a wide open kitchen space. There are also two toilet and baths in the ground floor.

The first floor serves as the relaxation and private area for the family. There are two bedrooms with attached toilet and baths and a Master’s Bedroom with a wide Master’s bathroom and a walk-in closet.

This house also has an integrated environment that can increase the sense of space and comfort for the family. Further to the back is the recreational area with wooden deck, swimming pool, and a barbecue area.



Would you consider this home as your dream house? What can you say about this modern two-storey home? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I wana build this house… will this nice house fit in my 300square meter lot?… how much to built this house?.. pls let me know.

  2. Please, let me know how much to build this house with material and labor;
    For the detailed plan how to purchase ?

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