Living Room Decorating Ideas That Expand Space

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A living room is often the first room that guests can see whenever they walk through the front door. It sets the tone of how the guests will feel about the rest of your home. Your living room is the space where you entertain guests and relax with your family.

Although making the space physically larger would require you to have an expensive remodeling job, there are ways on how you can make the room bigger that involves simple and budget-friendly execution.



Focus on the Floor

The floor takes up a huge amount of square footage and it is one of the highest impact spaces in the living room. Use one flooring material, like a carpet or wood, throughout the living room and adjoin the rooms to visually expand the space and create a flow of the design.

Avoid interrupting the eye by using contrast floor coverings. Use cabinets or sofas with legs so the floor fades under the furniture rather than stopping suddenly at a wall of fabric or wood.



Take Advantage of the Walls

The place where the floor meets the walls defines the size of the room physically and visually. You cannot alter the location of the walls without constructing, but using a living room decoration that can emphasize the height of the wall can draw the eyes up and make the room appear bigger.

You can hang floor-length curtains to close the ceiling or use tall bookshelves to compel your guests to look up. You can also install crown molding.



Mirrors to Reflect Light

Mirrors push the walls away and reflect light, making the space appear bigger. You may use them in front of your most attractive decor like windows, flowers or rich drapes to reflect the beauty and pleasing to the eye. Avoid using mirrored walls that can look too retro and may alter your aesthetic. Instead, use a large framed mirror propped on the floor or use a group of several smaller mirrors on the wall.

When it comes to making the living room appear larger, you do not need to spend a fortune to do that. There are several ways on how you can make the space appear larger by using decorations.



Which of these ideas do you think will best suit your living room? Let us know in the comment section below!

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