Three Bedroom Multi-Storey Modern Style Home

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If you are looking for a multi-storey house, this modern two-storey house is the plan for you. This modern style house is designed for medium to a large family and for those who want to have bigger and better space to move.

This house has a total area of 1250 square feet (or 116 square meters). It has two bedrooms with attached toilet and bath, a Master’s bedroom with attached toilet and bath plus walk-in closet, a family room, a kitchen, a working area, a dining area, and a living room.

This house also features huge glass windows to allow natural light and ventilation inside the house. It also has a veranda and a balcony where the family members can just sit out, enjoy some quality family time or entertain their guests when the living room area is not enough.

Let’s take a look at the inside of this house. Here is the floor plan of this house:



Upon entering the house from the veranda, you will immediately see the living room to your right and the Master’s bedroom to your left. Unlike other modern homes where the living room and the dining room area are separated, for this house plan, there is no wall between the living room and the dining area, giving it an open concept. There is also a working area, next to the spacious kitchen, where you can do your laundry and a common toilet and bath.

The second floor is the relaxation area of this house. There is a separate living room for the family and the two equally sized bedrooms for your children or siblings.



Overall, this house does not only provide relaxation, it also provides enough privacy among family members.

Do you like this house with plenty of rooms or do you like a simpler one? If you want to see more plans, make sure to visit other articles from Pinoy House Plans!

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