Modern Single Storey House With Provision for Basement Room

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Having a multi-storey house can be difficult to maintain, especially if you have a smaller family and you are tight on the budget. If you want a house that is still modern in style without spending too much but still has liveable space, this house plan is for you.

This house comes with a modern style theme. It focuses on space, and each area of the house is important. The house also focuses on unique and useful shapes. It is designed by raising the floor level higher than normal to prevent flooding. The house also features a basement that can be used as an extra room or a parking, depending on what you want.

This house is surrounded by glass windows to promote proper ventilation, lighting, and heat transfer. This house is designed for elderly who do not have to walk up the stairs at home and experience difficulties.



Here is the floor plan of the house:


Upon entrance from the entryway, you will be greeted by the house’s spacious living room, which is attached to the dining area. All toilet and baths are strategically located between the rooms for easy access.

The living and dining room areas have access to the balcony, which can also be used as an additional dining area for guests or a recreational area during the weekends. The other bedroom, which can be turned into a Master’s bedroom, also has an access to a separate balcony. There is also a basement area that you can turn into another bedroom, an office, a family room or a garage.



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