10 Amazing Accent Walls

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There are a few simple tricks that can give outstanding changes to your home. One of these tricks is adding an accent wall, something that can be instantaneously and can simply change the whole vibe of the entire space, without a great expense.

For some people, the idea of adding an accent wall can be a bit too much. If you are among these people who think that way, perhaps, it is time to take a look at a different view. No matter which part of the house you are putting up an accent wall, they can go a long way in making things as beautiful as they can be.

Here are 10 amazing accent walls that you can try at you home. From living spaces to bathrooms, it is easy to see why accent walls are a preferred trick by interior designers and why you should include it in your own home.



Contemporary Flair

The thin wooden lines in this accent wall behind the television in the living room can contribute to the space’s contemporary flair.



High Fashion with Chevron

A pattern that can make a dramatic impact is Chevrons. Look at the effect of the green and white chevrons here. It pops up the space, right?



Subtle Touch of Feminine

The white and pink stripes of this accent wall behind the bed definitely imbue the whole bedroom with a feminine touch.



Dining Room Depth

This dining room features an alcove that is backed by a wooden accent wall. This accent wall adds a sense of depth to the sense of negative space created by the all-white walls.



Going Bolder

Here is another accent wall for a bedroom. The accent wall behind the bed doubles down on making the bedroom look bold and making the whole space stand out too.



Defining the Layout

Accent walls do a number of different things whenever they are included in the design of the room. For this one, the gray stripped accent wall helps to draw the eye and define the layout of the pieces of furniture.



The Bathroom

Accent walls are not only for the main living spaces of the house, they can also work exceptionally well in the bathrooms.



Stony Wall

Although the wood accent walls are popular design choices for interior designers, a classic stone wall accent wall can add luxury to your dining hall, too.



Combining Two Materials

This living room space is defined by its accent wall. The concept features a glass and tile section around the TV and the fireplace and a large austere wooden surface.



Subtle Changes

When you first look at it, you may not even notice the accent wall. This design helps preserve the dimension and depth of this small home office space.



Accent walls play a big role in the interior design of your home. It can add more depth and dimension to any space. It can also change the whole vibe of the place.

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