Fully Functional Contemporary and Modern Styled Two-Storey House

This modern and contemporary home has four bedrooms. [Image Credit: Naibann]
This modern and contemporary home has four bedrooms. [Image Credit: Naibann]
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Our featured design for today is a Contemporary Style and Modern home. It is a home that focuses on being comfortable. This hugely spaced house is a relaxing and spacious home.

The house is two stories. The walls are painted in light grey and white to create a more modern look. It also has a garage that utilizes side-to-side parking and can fit two family cars. The front hallway can also welcome guests that will visit the house. Inside you will see a spacious first and second floors.

The front part of the house consists of the living area. Upon entering the house from the front hallway, you can see the dining hall with the open kitchen and the living room. There is also a small bedroom with a common toilet and bath.

Coming to the second floor, this is the relaxation area of the house. There are three more bedrooms on this floor: the Master’s bedroom with a master’s toilet and bath and walk-in closet plus two more bedrooms with a shared toilet and bath. The master’s bedroom also has a terrace.

This house is spacious and consists of 4 bedrooms, three toilet and baths, a living room with 155 square meters, a dining hall, and an open kitchen.

Below are the detailed floor plan and facilities for this two-story house.


Ground Floor

  • Garage
  • Living room
  • Dining hall
  • Open kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Common toilet and bath


Second Floor

  • Master’s bedroom with attached toilet and bath and walk-in closet
  • Two bedrooms
  • Common toilet and bath
  • Terrace


This contemporary and modern styled two-storey house is a wonderful home with up to date features that today’s family needs. It combines functionality and comfortability in one. This is a perfect choice no matter what size your family is.

What can you say about this fully functional two-storey house? Let us know in the comment section below!

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