Living in a Modern House: My Ultimate Dream

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If you pass by subdivisions along the highways or if you happen to have an ocular visit to any of these, you will notice that most subdivisions today have houses that are build with modern designs.

Modern design is now the trend that almost all buyers and prospective home owners prefer to acquire or build.  Modern houses showcase very simple facade design with only straight lines, rectangular shapes, employing monochromatic color, and just using the least of ornaments.

Its simplicity but exuding elegance is what draws the attention of onlookers.  If you ask people today what their dream house would look like, they will describe to you a simple house resembling a modern house. Who would not want an elegant house like this one that we are featuring in our website today?


The ground floor houses the car parking, one bedroom, a spacious open floor for living and dining areas, a kitchen and a common bathroom. The floor layout and design looks cool as the entrance opens up to the spacious living room.

The upper floor has three bedrooms, one of which has the biggest area with an attached bathroom to it and this must be the master bedroom. There is also another bathroom that is shared.

The layout is really nice though you can always modify it according to your preferences.  Since there is already one bedroom in the ground floor, you can convert the first bedroom into a spacious living room with veranda.

The facade of any modern room looks so simple but it exudes elegance and serenity.  The use of monochromatic color like off-white accentuated with dark grey or black or dark brown gives off a simple and delicate ambiance.

Looking at this property, it is not too small or too large, is very ideal home for everyone who is looking for a comfortable place to stay.  Indeed, this is everyone’s dream house – simple, elegant, no lavish adornments.  And since it is not t huge, maintaining it does not cost you much.

The only thing you will spend for, perhaps, is when you change the paint once in every three years or five years. Indeed, it is a place where you can stay for the rest of your life.

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