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Many of us are still confused between modern architecture and contemporary design.  In this issue we will distinguish one from the other. HousePlans defines modern architecture as “simply one type of architecture that’s popular today, often featuring clean, straight lines, a monochromatic color scheme, and minimal ornamentation.”

While contemporary house plans, like we see, employs a blend of all sorts of architecture that is is famous today.  This design may or may not use modern architecture.  If it does, then the design is a mixture of both contemporary and modern design, which is most of the time the trend today.

A good example of contemporary house design would be one with a modern exterior, showcasing lines and one-color scheme with black as a contrast, and a contemporary floor plans and designs.  Large windows are elements of both contemporary and modern design that is why these two are often interchanged and misconstrued.

The house that we are featuring today is categorized as a modern house but with apparent contemporary design in the facade.  The straight lines see on the left portion of the facade is an element of modern architecture though the use of bricks and wood or wood-like elements is suggestive of contemporary design.

The porch and the sit-out are one of the main attractions in the facade of this house.  The porch was uniquely designed giving it a stunning contemporary look.  There was no garage or a parking area but the extra space in the front yard or in the porch may be used for parking.

There are still a lot of modifications or remodeling that can be done to this house if the owners wants it.  Architects and designers now make their designs flexible to adapt to the changing times.  These houses are remodel-ready.

This modern single floor home was designed to be built in 93 square meters lot area. It has a porch, a sit-out, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a dining area, a kitchen, a living room, and also a work area.

The living and dining rooms were designed with really sophisticated and employing the latest and trendy interior design.

Source: keralahomedesignz

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