My Modern Dream House Design

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I bet one of the biggest dreams of any one is to finally have his or her own house, one’s dream house! Imagine living in your dream house you can design and decorate your own way and make it the best house ever.

But how does your dream house look like? Is it really big, sitting on a spacious lot with a big garden and an impressive landscape, with a porch or a gazebo, with a view deck on the roof top, with a veranda in your room?

For me, a house does not really need to be big as long as everything you need in a house is there, then that is more than good enough.  My dream house, to be specific, is a modern house with three bedrooms, a car porch, a veranda or balcony, a living area, a dining area and kitchen sharing the space together, a gazebo and a garden with a fascinating landscape!

The modern house we are featuring today resembles what I want in a house.  Let’s take a look at this stunning modern house design.


This modern house is estimated to cost around 3.8M – 4M in Philippine peso or that would be around US$76,000 – 80,000. But then again, this is just an estimate.  The cost of your house greatly depends on the materials you prefer to build it and how you design its interior.

It has a floor area of 82 square meters but a lot area of 120 square meters to accommodate for a small garden and a space around the house to allow for mobility if in case there is an emergency.

It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a car port that can accommodate two cars.

Talking about multiple bedroom configurations, Capital Smart City is offering lifetime investment and residential opportunities in houses and Villas with 2,3, and 4 bedrooms. The structures are designed to provide maximum living spaces and amenities at budget-friendly prices.

The ground floor  has the car port that allows for two cars, a living area, one bedroom, one common bathroon, a dining area and a kitchen.

The upper level contains a living area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  There is a master bedroom with an attached bathroom to it and a small veranda.

This modern house is considered minimalist because it uses all the space to accommodate all the areas needed in a house.  You can always remodel it if you wish.  If you want only two bedrooms upstairs to allow for bigger space for each bedroom then that is just fine.

Image Source: filbuild


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