The Favorite Furniture of 2017: Mirrors

Adding mirrors to any part of your house can add more natural light. [Image Credit: Home]
Adding mirrors to any part of your house can add more natural light. [Image Credit: Home]
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As we take a look at this year’s interior decorating trends and the ones we tried in our homes, you might be thinking: which is this year’s best decorating material?

A lot of decorations and pieces of furniture are real winners when it comes to functionality and elegance like that bright white rug in your living room or the big piece of artwork in the dining hall.

But one of the most favorite piece of furniture for this year is mirrors.

Adding a mirror to your home can be beneficial for a lot of reasons and not all of them is because of vanity. Mirrors can add light to the room and also create the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. It also adds a bit of flair to a room without going the traditional way of adding a statement painting.


Classic Wall Mirror

Adding a classic wall mirror will never go out of style. Putting up a classic wall mirror in your entryway can help you check your whole outfit before leaving the house, or it can also be a wall art in the living room area.


Accent Mirror

An accent mirror is a little less dramatic than a statement mirror, but it is a great way to add some interest to your home’s walls. The best part about an accent mirror is that it can stand well on its own, but it also plays well with others.


Tiled Statement Mirror

Beautiful and geometrically pleasing, these tiled statement mirrors can add a pop of brightness to the room without clashing with any of the other textures or color schemes in the room. You can add them to your entryway or sitting area where it can provide extra light as it reflects from the windows.


Grand Mirror

Investing in a large mirror for the wall of your living room or dining area can transform the room. One of the benefits of having a grand mirror is the lighting opportunities it brings. Not only does it can reflect natural light from the windows, but it can also play nice with a candlelight or lamplight.


Mirrors are fresh and unexpected ways to add a statement to your room. They do not only go with any color scheme that you have, but they are also practical and beautiful too.

There are so many reasons and parts of your home where you can add an extra mirror! Other than mirrors, which accessories do you think can bet compliment your house?

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