Add Personality to Your Space With Different Materials

Using cork as center pieces is a fun and edgy concept.
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There is always a time when while you are enjoying the different pieces of furniture that you have as well as the overall interior of the house, you still feel there is something missing. You may try out different patterns, materials, and colors to give some spaces a pop of attitude.

For this year, cork is the material of the moment. Corks add texture to any spaces. It can also add texture and color to any part of your house. Plus, a cork is a worry-free material. It is easy to clean, and the soft look to it adds the feeling of ease and effortlessness to your house. So how can you incorporate it into your space?


Desk Area

Adding cork on top of your desk area provides a semi-cushioned area for your wrist to rest while you are working. It can also work as a utility board where you can post photos or reminders.

Table and Stools

Cork is a material that is soft, easy to clean, and fun to look at. If you invest in a quality and well-made piece, it can give an understated yet interesting focal point to your house. You may also add it as an accent piece on your table or stool. Use cork as the placemats or coaster as they add a chic and cleaning-efficient effect to any dining table.


Lighting Fixtures

Cork lighting fixtures is a subtle statement piece that can withstand time and decoration changes. It adds softness to the light and can be an interesting centerpiece of your living space.


Getting a cut-out cork board to embellish your plain wall can eliminate your need for a wall art. A corkboard provides room for more photos, memos or magazine cut-outs that can showcase your inner creativity and self-expression.

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