Two Storey Modern House With Two Bedrooms and Two Verandas

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If you like uniquely designed houses, this modern two storey house plan is for you. This modern styled house is designed for medium to large families and for those who like houses with a unique identity.

This house has two bedrooms, two toilet and baths, and a spacious garage that can fit one to two cars. It also includes high ceilings. This home is a home value for its beauty and usefulness. It is surrounded by large glass windows to promote natural light and air to enter the house and have full ventilation.

General Features of This Modern Two Storey House

  • Designed to give your money’s worth as it is fully functional and modern looking. You do not need to purchase another home in the future.
  • All the parts of the house are built to be fully functional and benefiting for the whole family.
  • The roof design of this house is built to shield away from the heat from the sign.
  • Designed to suit the weather of a tropical country.
  • The house can be converted into 3 bedrooms.
  • The level of elevation is not very high, and it allows an easy climb up, especially for the elderly and children.

Here is the floor plan of the house:

Upon entry to the house, you will be immediately greeted by the spacious living room. The dining area is in a separate space with the open kitchen. Each room also has an attached toilet and bath. The garage can also be replaced with another bedroom.

This modern two-story house is a good replacement for a big home, especially if you do not like to have a very big house. It still promotes relaxation and space for the whole family.

Which do you think is more ideal: a one-story house or a two story one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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