Contemporary House Design with Splendid Concepts

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The beauty of bungalow houses remains to be timeless qualities in housing. In fact, most homeowners prefer to build one storey over double storey houses because of their distinct features. In particular, this contemporary house design is better in terms of flexibility, accessibility, maintenance, and affordability. Likewise, single storey houses are preferred residences for the elderly because of the mobility and accessibility of the rooms contained on a single floor.

The affordability of a single level house makes it the most preferred type by many families. Aside from lower construction cost, the expenses involved in the maintenance is also lower. The elegant modern house in feature is truly an eye-catcher. Look at the amazing exterior design and concepts which are magnetic and esthetically appealing.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Splendid Concepts

Description of Contemporary House Design

Bungalow houses often integrate a free-flowing concept in their layout. This is very advantageous in bringing in natural light and creates an airy and sunlit atmosphere. Consequently, this will be a great benefit for residents as natural light improves health and productivity.

This one storey contemporary style home focuses on uniqueness and elegance. As can be seen, the elegance lies in the overall exterior design and concepts which exudes refinement and sophistication.

Some of the excellent characteristics include the following:

  • spacious and elevated verandah with cream-colored marble tiles, cream-colored benches, well-defined pillars with accents of brown bricks, and an extended hip roof
  • dynamic wall cladding with natural bricks in brown color
  • grey-tinted sliding glass doors and sidelites in grey aluminum casements
  • glass window panels in grey aluminum frames as well, installed on appropriate locations
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in cream paint
  • spacious two-car garage secured by pillars with accents of brown-colored bricks and shed roof with brown-colored tiles
  • elevated base painted with dark grey tone
  • tidy and attractive ceiling painted in white
  • prominent hip roof assembly with brown tiles

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Splendid Concepts

Other Features of Contemporary House Design

As can be seen, the exterior façade is an image of modernism and style. In fact, the design looks perfect considering the aspects of shape, angles, roof’s style, choice of colors, and the proportion of dimensions. Additionally, the fusion of soft and warm colors registers a dynamic effect and character.

Moreover, apart from being aesthetically beautiful, the level of comfort that the house offers is extremely high. The spacious garden and landscaping around the house provide a large volume of ventilation to the building.

Furthermore, the rectangular footpath and tiled driveway deliver an extra bearing to the residence.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Splendid Concepts

The parking space is very spacious with prominent pillars accentuated by brown-colored bricks on the upper height. The space has an informal diner for informal dining and quick meals. Likewise, just like the verandah, the parking space can serve as an extension of the living room from relaxation and family-related activities.

All other elevations are provided with sufficient glass window panels for ventilation purposes and the walls also treated with a mineral finish in a cream shade.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

The featured contemporary home design utilizes a building space of 149.0 sq. meters that caters a middle-sized family. The specifications include a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, parking space, and informal diner.

A design with reasonable area, this house features a big verandah which is a perfect entrance to the living room through the sliding glass doors. The living spaces are designed in a free-flowing concept on the left portion of the layout. On the other hand, the private zone of two bedrooms occupies the right side of the design. Meanwhile, the spacious parking space is simply oozing with comfort and coziness. The overall layout is smart, straightforward, and functional.

Indeed, this house is incomparable in terms of elegance and comfort.

Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu



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