Single Storey Modern House with Brick Wall Cladding

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Your home is your castle — it should make you feel safe and secure. In terms of privacy, a two-storey floor plan offers several advantages over a bungalow. However, it’s not to say that a bungalow can’t offer privacy as well. One great advantage of a bungalow residence like this single storey modern house is the level of accessibility it offers. With everything located on one floor, these plans allow everyone in the family to comfortably access the entire living space.

Likewise, open-concept bungalows are easier to navigate than a two-storey floor plan. This makes bungalows ideal for families that include seniors or people with accessibility needs. Moreover, when it comes to cost, bungalows incur a lower cost of construction and maintenance. Additionally, they are generally more energy-efficient, as the single storey floor plan is easier to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Picture of Single Storey Modern House with Brick Wall Cladding

Description of Single Storey Modern House

The house on offer is designed in a modern theme with a unique style. It offers an elevated scheme with brown tiles and a porch secured with black and white tiles and black steel railings. The exterior walls are simply raw concrete plaster finish which is not common to most houses that we see around. This house feels comfortable with the provision of a grey tinted glass door and glass window panels in appropriate locations.

Picture of Single Storey Modern House with Brick Wall Cladding

In contrast with a raw concrete wall finish, the exterior walls are decorated with bright orange lime lath which offers a striking character. Additionally, one playful highlight of this house is the wall cladding in brown bricks that created a unique appeal. The roof assembly in shed roof with wooden brown clerestory deliver a perfect match to the house design

Picture of Single Storey Modern House with Brick Wall Cladding

Interior Design of Single Storey Modern House

While entering the house, you will observe the hall with the concept of white shades from floor tiles, walls and recessed ceilings. Consequently, the concept offers a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. The eye-catching clock on the bare plaster wall delivers an additional appeal inside the house.

Meanwhile, the modern kitchen is spacious and airy with L-shaped grey countertops and white cabinets. The flooring looks great with brown marble tiles.

The bathroom with a reasonable size has a very simple design. Like the exterior, the interior walls are in raw concrete plaster finish giving a grey shade within the space.

Overall, simple as it may seem, this house is able to offer the comfort and safety that a family deserves.

Credit to: Naibann



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