Two Storey Modern House Inside and Out with 3 Bedrooms

Two Storey Modern House
Two Storey Modern House
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This two storey modern house has 3 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath with 160 square meters of living space. The outside is decorated with soft cream color mixed with dark brown. Trimmed with white door frames and windows The front of the house roof structure black steel. Adds shade to the outside parking area.

Space on the right side is landscape decorated with bushes and tall trees. The house in the city is warm with a refreshing atmosphere.

On the left side is a garage with galvanized iron roofing. It can accommodate 2 cars as well as a rest area and can also be used as a venue for small celebrations and family gatherings.

The interior is an open hall with white granite tiles. The walls are decorated with soft cream.

Next to the inside is a dining corner with window glass that helps illuminate the dining. The view from the outside is very eye-catching.

Kitchen with built-in cabinets, mosaic tile as splash wall with lightweight wooden counter top.

The bedroom is decorated in a simple brown color. Divide the angle into sections. Comes with private balcony.

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