Two-Storey Contemporary Style House For a Modern Family

This two-storey house is simple yet fully functional. [Image Credit: Naibann]
This two-storey house is simple yet fully functional. [Image Credit: Naibann]
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Getting home to a house you can call your own is fulfilling. After all, you deserve to have relaxed, have fun, and just rest out your tired body and mind after a day full of work.

Go home every day at this contemporary house. This contemporary style house has ample space to relax and still gives enough living space, especially if you have a growing family.

The house is two stories, with a very stylish exterior and roofing. The front part of the house has a parking lot that can fit a family car. The house is also surrounded by green lawns and have provisions to plant trees as well.

The theme of this contemporary style house is clean and simple. From the exterior of the house to the interior and furniture pieces, everything is made sure only to provide relaxation and functionality.

Let’s take a look at the interiors of the house.

The interior part of this house is very simple. It is painted with white tones and bright lights warm the whole house. All the furniture pieces are kept simple and fully functional, too.

A dark gray sofa lies in the middle of the sofa. The wooden TV rack is also arranged in a simple way.

There is also an open kitchen with an L-shaped kitchen counter painted in darker color. A range hood is installed to keep the smell off the house. The black glass dining chair set in the dining hall compliments the cleanliness of the walls.

All the bedrooms are also made as simple as the other living spaces. The walls are painted white, including the ceiling. The furniture pieces have a darker tone to compliment that walls.

This contemporary style house is consisted of three bedrooms, three toilet and baths, a living area of 162 square meters, an open kitchen, and a spacious dining hall.


What can you say about this two-storey contemporary style house? Do you think being simple or minimalist is better than putting too many furniture pieces? Let us know in the comment section below!

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