Modern Two Storey House With Three Bedrooms and Three Living Rooms

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It is good to have a spacious house where you and your family can have plenty of spaces for freedom and movement. Having a small house does not mean that it will restrict you from being comfortable and flexible but with the extra space that a bigger house can provide, you are assured that you and your family can live more comfortable.

This modern style, two storey house is spacious enough on the inside to comfortably fit a family without sacrificing or eliminating any important parts of a house. It has two floors with two bedrooms, one Master’s bedroom, two toilet and baths, two living rooms, a family room, and a spacious kitchen and dining hall.



Here is the floor plan of the house:



There are two living rooms in this house, giving you and the family more space to entertain guests on special occasions. These two living rooms are both connected to the dining room and kitchen.

Each of the bedrooms has a provision for a walking closet while the Master’s bedroom, located in the first floor, has an attached toilet and bath and a small nook where you can set up as a small office. There is also a separate family room on the first floor which you can turn into a small movie area too.

This house has four verandas and open terrace as well as big glass windows which allows natural air and light for proper ventilation and lighting. The verandas can also be turned into additional resting and relaxation areas. Just add some tables and chairs and you can use it as an area to sip your tea or read a good book after a long day of work.




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