Top Kitchen Trends 2018

Kitchen Trends 2018
These kitchen trends 2018 can help you for your innovation needs.
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Kitchen trends 2018 you can apply in your home.

Kitchen renovation takes a lot of time, effort, and money. To be realistic, a lot of homeowners are not doing too many makeovers.

A multipurpose kitchen is the latest kitchen trends 2018. From hidden storages to black cabinets, having a fully-functional place with a lot of storages are driving the latest design innovations.

Top Kitchen Trends 2018

If you are looking to renovate the busiest part of your house but you are not sure how, you can follow this list to know which are the ones on the trend.

Slim Work Surfaces

Slim Work Space
[Image Credit: Langham]
The latest kitchen trends 2018 is having a ceramic and porcelain slim work surface which combines durability with a natural look using natural stones.

From a chunky surface that eats up all the spaces in the room to a work surface with a slimmer profile, these work surfaces that have a shallow depth and beveled edge options are cost-effective laminates.

Matte Cabinet Finish

Matte Cabinet
[Image Credit: Rotpunkt UK]
Instead of high gloss cabinets, matte cabinet finishes are becoming a better option. These cabinets reflect less light that gives the kitchen a more understated look. Plus, for practical reason, they also less likely to show fingerprints.

These matte finish cabinets are powder-coated lacquer that delivers a contemporary textured look. They create contrast with rustic wood or stone surfaces and metallic fittings.

Multi-Functional Appliances

Multifunctional Pieces
[Image Credit: Masterclass Kitchens]
Out with the traditional ones and in with the multifunctional pieces. One of the most popular kitchen trends 2018 is using multifunctional appliances.

When rearranging your owning space, consider using appliances that can be arranged in built-in cabinets. Use a kitchen island that functions as a workspace and a dining table. Arrange your compact workstation with countertop food preparation gadgets and user-friendly fridge drawers.

Space Saving Storage

Space Saving
[Image Credit: Caple]
Having clever space-saving storages are practical choices for an open plan or broken plan scheme. Instead of having a kitchen that acts as a simple workroom, install different storages and cabinets to hide all your unused items.

Added Luxury

[Image Credit: Hafele]
Create focal points by adding warm metallics, smoked glass, and deep colors. Dark veneers and heavily grained wood are making a comeback too.

To pair with your matte cabinet finish, you can use oak and elm in black or graphite grey to direct the eyes of your visitors to the pale woods.

There are a lot of kitchen trends 2018 that will not completely overwhelm your space. Strategically planning your designs will make the space more functional and pleasing to the eyes of everyone.

Which of these kitchen trends best suit your wants and needs?

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