Sliding Door Ideas To Hide Storage Spaces And Create A Modern And Clear Interior

closet door ideas
To make your walls come alive, these closet door ideas are ideal.
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Brightening up a room nowadays won’t only involve having a large window and a colorful wall. With most rooms closets have a sliding door so that it can save space while at the same time still be functional. Using your closet door to emphasize your room’s decoration can give a big impact to it. Some sliding door ideas will help you in creating a clear and modern interior.

Sliding Door Ideas To Hide Storage Spaces In Your Home

Merging Sliding Closet Doors with Walls

One way for you to start your sliding door ideas is to match it up with your room’s wall. If you are in the process of decorating your room, try to use just one color for both the door frame and the wall. You can then add a mirror or use the same wallpaper that you have on your wall, and this gives the effect that your room has more space than when you started it.

Mirrored Closet Doors

If you don’t have a place to put your mirror in your room, try to put it on your sliding closet door.

Mounting a mirror on your closet door will make it both functional and will add to the decoration as they can give the illusion that the room is spacious.

Wall Niche Designs

Wall niches are small areas on a wall where you can place trinkets to add to your room’s decoration. They can also be used for storing things that might be too small for a whole cabinet shelf. Use sliding closet doors to close them and they can be as decorative as a picture frame on your wall.

Space is important for everyone but it is also a plus to make a room decorative and not just looking plain. You can try to start with your closet when decorating or incorporate sliding doors to your interiors. There are lots of other sliding door ideas that you can use to help brighten up your room.

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