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4 Unique Ideas for Your Home Exterior Design

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Unique ideas for home exterior designs are among the most trending topics on the internet. Homeowners and real estate investors want new ideas for their homes. This has made home designs amongst the most searched keywords on the Google search engine.

Christmas should not be the only day of the year that your home becomes brighter on your street. You can change and improve your home exterior design throughout the year to keep your space looking great all the time. As a homeowner, you do not need a lot of money or expensive accessories to make the exterior design of your home look great.

Most people regularly mow and edge their lawns as the simplest way to maintain them. Lawns can look neat if trimmed and shaped to your personal preferences and taste. Here are top four distinct ideas or tips to enhancing the appearance of your home from the outside:


Top 4 Tips to Improving Home Exterior Designs

  1.       Assess Your Home to Identify its Personality

The surrounding of your home and people you relate with, including neighbors and friends, can make you shape your home’s personality. Choose an exterior color with the capability to reflect an outstanding image in your area to represent its stately personality.

Go with trendy color palettes if you want your home to showcase a young, stylish look. Let the personality of the color you have chosen shine through in terms of how you want it to feel and look.


  1.       Pick a Color from the Architecture of Your Home

The uniqueness of a neighborhood or home depends on many things. The theme can focus on a color, as discussed before, character, texture or even details.

Trim details and barrel tile roofs blend well with weathered white, sun kissed brown, or even Terra cotta Oranges. That’s applicable if your inspiration comes from an old Mediterranean villa or the Tuscan.


  1.       Get Inspiration from Historic Characters or Events

It’s important to keep the original colors of historical happenings and characters because they’re the only way to show you’re a true follower. For instance, if you’re planning or already living in an aged Tudor style home or a Victorian home, keep the colors without changing the theme to reflect its uniqueness.

Do an intense research in your neighborhood, especially if your city has historical architecture organizations or a Chamber of Commerce. Pre-selected historical manufacturer painters usually exist to assist you select the original colors for the historical inspiration you want for your home’s exterior.


  1.       Source Design Ideas from Previous Vacation Memories

Creative and unique ideas can motivate a homeowner to change an exterior color theme to resemble what you saw while touring a travel destination. For instance, source a color idea to paint on the exterior of your home, if your destination in the tropical was enjoyable.

If you want a home in the islands to inspire the exterior of your home, choose bright colors such as lavender, peach, turquoise, or sunny yellow. Remember, as you choose the colors, that you still want your home to be outstanding.

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